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   Postdoctoral position available

Postdoctoral Position in Marine Microbial Molecular Ecology
    The Universidad de Concepción (UdeC), Chile, invites applications for a two-year postdoctoral position in marine microbial molecular ecology. The postdoctoral fellow will work as part of the research project “Microbial diversity and activity in the seasonal hypoxic coastal waters off Central Chile and Oregon:  a comparative study”, funded by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

    The research will include analyses of microbial metagenomic and metatranscriptomic data from the coastal upwelling ecosystem off central Chile, and comparisons with similar data from off the coast of Oregon, U.S.A. For this reason, we seek candidates for this postdoctoral position with solid experience and interest in microbial ecology, microbial (meta)genomics, molecular biology and bioinformatics.

    Applicants should send curriculum vitae, statement of research, and the names of three referees (including e-mail addresses and phone numbers) to Prof. Osvaldo Ulloa (, Departamento de Oceanografía & Centro de Investigación Oceanográfica en el Pacífico Sur-Oriental, Universidad de Concepción, PROFC-Cabina 7, Casilla 160-C, Concepción, Chile.

    The closing date for applications is 29 May 2009. The tentative starting date for the position is 1 July 2009.